I’m Perfect And You’re Not – To My Wife On Our 10 Year Anniversary


You remind me on a regular basis that I am happily married, and I agree.  And that is because I am perfect, and you are not. That is what makes up a healthy marriage, right?


So let me list out all the ways that I am perfect:

  • I have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies regarding the organization of clothes or dishes and inside versus outside clothes
  • I have very high standards for the kids
  • I only make eggs for myself in the morning
  • I repeatedly “encourage” the kids to keep eating at meal time
  • I micromanage the kids
  • I try to get the kids to clean up the entire house of their toys right before bed time and then get mad at them when they don’t move fast enough.
  • When you ask for help with things, I respond by saying, “Did you push this button?  Or that button?”
  • I leave the countertop dirty after doing the dishes
  • I will order your In N Out burger with sauce
  • I keep asking if you want ketchup with your french fries
  • I drive slow
  • I wait for you to plan dates so that we do what I want to do


I think that is enough of my perfection.  Let’s go over your imperfections:

  • You calm the girls down after I have screamed at them
  • You make me eat salad and other vegetables
  • You cook breakfast almost every meal, even cereal
  • You work a lot to help provide for our family and to help others
  • You encourage me to write for my blog more
  • You want me to be happy
  • You think of fun things to do for the kids
  • You watch action movies with me even when they leave you sad at the end
  • You beat me at Madden
  • You have followed your dreams and sought out happiness and your life’s purpose
  • You have encouraged me to find my life’s purpose, to get up and not sit and complain


And I could probably go on and on, but you get the idea.


Or maybe I keep using that word perfection.  You are probably thinking that it doesn’t mean what I think it means, but that’s inconceivable! https://youtu.be/YIP6EwqMEoE


(see what I did there?)


Even if I don’t know what perfection means, I know that I would take all of your imperfections (even the ones listed above)  again and again. You are an amazing example to me as how humans should love each other and an amazing example for our girls to look up to.


I love that you have gone after what you are passionate about and seek to help others.  I am glad I can support you and help through your journey and be a part of it; to be a partner in it, and to be your partner in life.


No, we are not perfect people, but, yes, we are perfectly paired by God.  Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for helping me in so many ways.  Thank you for loving me, especially the times when I am unlovable.


I love you!

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